What’s Your True Israeli Look?

If I could look and dress like any Israeli, it would be Ninet Tayeb ינת טייב

To me, Ninet, the first winner of Israel’s version of American Idol, is the essence of what Israeli fashion is to me–and what I love about it in comparison with the conservative Banana Republic button downs and khaki Ralph Lauren style of America.

Black hair, blunt bangs, smoky eyes, and a Victorian chic look.

I love the Victorian era puff sleeves, the ruffles, the lace, the skin tight leggings, the cameo–that is so popular here. It’s romantic, high class tough-meets-sweet and just a little bit goth.

Lily Allen, another great example. Yes, she’s Brit, but couldn’t she have been Israeli in another life? Once again blunt bangs so typical of your Middle Eastern frecha (bimbo) but she demures it down with a PPQ dress in a loud print and of all, things, a bow tie! If that’s not Victorian chic I don’t know what is!

And so Israeli, too.

Of course, not all Israeli girls dress in this way. There are so many different styles.

What are your thoughts on a true Israeli look?

Ninet Tayeb: Image Credit

Lily Allen: Image Credit


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