The Re-Launch of Castro Tel Aviv at Dizengoff Center

Better late then never!

I should have picked up on this, as the  Castro at Dizengoff Center is one of my favorite stops for colored t-shirts, menswear pieces, and bright florals!

But I didn’t even notice the entire change in layout of the three-floor Castro flagship store in the center of Tel Aviv.

The brand, which first opened this store in 1985, spent about 8 million shekels (almost $2 million) on the project! And they did it for Tel Aviv’s 100th birthday celebration.

What exactly did they do?

They increased their collection display by 400 square feet and architect Uri Ben Dror of Studio MU designed the store to look like a loft complete with a seating area for  anxious mothers who are waiting for their teenage daughters to finish trying on their clothes and bored boyfriends who are waiting for their significant other.

The store ALSO offers–get this!–personal styling services, music listening posts and even a stand for ordering concert tickets in the Castro Men section.

There’s more! The setup will include an exhibition honoring the 100 most significant people in the history of Tel Aviv and an entirely new collection of shirts inspired by Tel Aviv wil be sold in the store. (I saw a really cool black tee with a neon colored building emblazoned on it.

Castro was founded in 1973 by a Greek Jew but maintains a distinct Israeli feel in spite of the emerging foreign competition (think American Apparel, H&M, Topshop…) and I love that about it! The puff-sleeved Victorian look, the neon leggings, the leather jackets, the pinstriped dress remind me why I love this store so much!

And of course, Castro joint CEO Gabi Rotter put it best when he said,

“The competition is big, but it’s not just against H&M. This is our competition as a leading Israeli company against international brands, and our goal is to cause the buyer to see our uniqueness and favor Castro’s Israeli design over a design from abroad.”

Sources: Ynet, Tel Aviv Fever


One thought on “The Re-Launch of Castro Tel Aviv at Dizengoff Center

  1. shira

    Ever since Castro got caught illegally spying on the customer dressing rooms (video cameras in the womens store on Allenby if I remember correctly – this was a few years back after all) I have boycotted them.

    Buy Castro if you must – but take the stuff home to try on 😉


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