To Chick or Not To Chick?

Chick2Chick: l. Nava Ehrlich r. Dana Galpaz

When I saw this pic on 26-year old Nimrod Avigal’s ILook Tel Aviv street fashion website, I was immediately attracted to the neon emblazoned Blondes Have More Fun tee from Toronto worn on the blond Nava Ehrlich.

Little did I know that Nava was one half of Chick2Chick, an ultra-mod accessories design company with a collection of the cutest modern street wear necklaces.

I especially love their Lego-like neon robot DNH chains and I think I’m going to have to get myself  one! So futuristic cool!

DNH Necklace
DNH Necklace

Nava and pal Dana Galpaz first met at the Shenkar School in Tel Aviv where they were both studying interior, building, and environment design .  Lucky for us, they decided to try a hip line of accessories instead!

Their urban art collection expresses “the spirit of their bubbling city life.”

I’ll have to shop at their profile on Etsy.

Or maybe I’ll run over to Urbanix on Shenkin St. or Gusta on Jabotinsky to get myself my own pieces!

Too bad I can’t run over to Toronto and find that shirt!

I’m not a blond, but I’ll have to dye my hair!

Source: ILook, Chick2Chick


One thought on “To Chick or Not To Chick?

  1. Cheryl

    A great article and I totally agree, the jewelry is fun and modern but also some pieces are good for the over 40 group.
    Two talented designers – I am happy to have some of their collection.

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