“Super Jew” Mayim Bialik Gets a Makeover

This is a bit off-topic Israeli-wise, but hey, she’s still Jewish right?


The former Blossom may keep kosher, but she’s showing the world that Jews don’t know how to dress. Sure, she looks like a little Modern Ortho, what with the skirts and all, but she sure looks like my frumpy Jewish grandmother.

Jewish fashionistas rejoice! She, too, can get a makeover. And she does.  After appearing on Chelsea Lately in a dapper black-and-white dress (interesting sleeves, white buttons and all) Mayim has appeared on the American tv channel TLC in the May 29th showing of What Not To Wear and has successfully received a cute new style.

Did anyone see the show? Because I haven’t and I’d like to see what they’ve done to her. Hope she keeps it up.  Blossom-style was so cool back in the day and hopefully Mayim’s new threads will be rockin’ too–faster then you can say, “Whoa!”


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