Why I Dislike Bar Refaeli

It takes a lot for me to not like someone.  A lot.

Bar Refaeli is the new face of clothing company Hurley…and she really makes me want to hurl! Cute little farm girl who came from nothing to make it big in Hollywood overnight? Hardly!

I really don’t know how she got to where she is but she was lucky enough to date Leonardo DiCaprio and score a few Sports Illustrated magazine covers perhaps because of him.

Of course, that’s not why I don’t like her.  Not even close.

What I dislike most about this model maven is that she has a center of attention hogging stage mom for a mommy, she speaks arrogantly about herself  in interviews, and she’s the kind of girl who would trash talk Israel to French mags one minute, hardly mention her homeland to the US, and then do an infomercial for the Kinneret on local Israeli cable the next, along with other Israeli celebs who seem proud of their country and probably DID do the army–unlike her.

I had a friend who knew her when she was a high school brat in Holon and he said that she was pretty, but had a really plain face.  Still does. Really, Moran Atias is so much more gorgeous.  I think she just got lucky.

Here are some other reasons I dislike her:

You must have seen her on the cover of men’s magazine Esquire with pen-marks all over her.  I’ll admit, the concept was cool.  But what she said wasn’t.

On having part of a Stephen King story written on her body for the cover: “I haven’t seen anything like that ever. So I wanted to be the girl who did it.”

Hmm, sounds like she wants to be known for being different. Except that she looks just like everybody else.

On her childhood on the Israeli coast: “I walked along dirt roads and picked oranges and played with dogs and rabbits and chickens and horses.”

Walked on dirt roads and picked oranges? Aren’t you from Hod HaSharon? Are you trying to play the rags-to-riches girl?

Ugh, just read the article. You’ll see what I mean.

Remember when she got the Sports Illustrated cover and spoke about her grandmother?

What will your grandparents say about your sexy photo spread?
Refaeli: They are so proud! My grandma says she walks down the street and people ask her, ‘Are you Bar Refaeli’s grandmother?’ I’m like, dude – I mean, you’re very beautiful, but we don’t really look alike! We have 60 years between us. She’s so proud. She keeps every single article on me.

Grandmothers are supposed to be respected, Bar. Looked up to.  They have life experience. You’re supposed to look up to her.  You should always compliment them.  “I’m like, dude –I mean you’re very beautiful, but we don’t really look alike” ? What is that?

Now, the perfect little black bikini that Bar has created for Hurley.

“For years I’ve searched for a classic, sexy black bikini with just the right cut. I’ve tried a lot of bikinis, and never been able to find the perfect one – until now.” –Bar Refaeli

Hmm, that’s great for you, Bar. Really great. But how small is that thing? Are you sure the average big-breasted, size 10 girl could pull it off? Are you really sure?

This article from the Jewish daily newspaper Forward sums it up perfectly.

Perhaps best known outside Israel for dating Leonardo DiCaprio, Refaeli has proved a controversial figure at home. The Hod Hasharon native responded angrily in the international media after she and DiCaprio were hounded by the Israeli press during a trip to the country in 2007. And she generated widespread anger a year ago by telling the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot that she didn’t “regret not enlisting” in the military, because the decision “paid off big time” as she developed her modeling career.

Now she’s trying to make amends.  Well, good for her, I guess. But we all know how she really is. She wants to be an American supermodel.

Frgdr.com may have said it best in a slew of posts on the girl and what she’s done wrong.

Read up!

Bar Refaeli-A Crotch Retrospective

The infamous Kinneret ad

Best Chauvanistic Israeli Ad

She skipped out on mandatory military service in Israel to do her mandatory modeling thing. How proud of Israel can she be?

One Israeli general even called on Holy Land inhabitants to boycott the products she promotes. That’s the spirit!

Here’s the kicker.  Quotes on what started it all–how the traitor called Israel’s mandatory service and basically living in Israel–the country that I gave up my good-paying jobin America to live in–is a waste of time.

The Jewish Journal-Bar Refaeli to Ditch Israel

A bio on Bar from MTV’s House of Style says she volunteers for the Israeli animal lovers association, Ahava, which has been caring  for hundreds of pets abandoned in the Northern Israel during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. Hmm, I’d like to meet the person who can tell me she’s actually done that.

Israelity, Israel 21c’s postive Israeli news blog, has some humorous critiques on the supermodel starlet.

Should We Lower The Bar (Refaeli) Already?

I think we need to start focusing on another rising Israeli startlet–the less talked about, seemingly nicer Esti Ginzburg.

Or Moran Atias, please!

But why the plain-faced girl who dated Leo and points her hands to her crotch in ever photo?

I may be taking this too personally but enough with the Bar. I hope she stumbles on the runway.

Sources: JustJared, Hurley, People Stylewatch, Israelity


6 thoughts on “Why I Dislike Bar Refaeli

  1. Irene Sharon Hodes

    Ooh, Simona, you really have some pent up anger over this one! Let’s not forget she’s only a model — they aren’t really known for being the brightest bulb in the bunch…and greedy is as greedy does. We know about her. We can boycott, or whatever. I hope your rage subsides…

    Maybe this will make you feel better — such an amazing article about Israel — and Tel Aviv specifically — I was proud – http://s.nyt.com/u/rCN

    • Simona

      This Haaretz article is why I posted this post on Bar Refaeli on Twitter in the first place. If you notice, the post is from a few months back…

  2. dietcokeho

    Hey Simona, Thank you for sticking up and saying what you feel. I couldnt agree more with everything you said. its plain to see she has a regular looking face with mean beady eyes and a downturned frown. all the time. she really looks like a bitch. and i love how she plays both sides once leo gets too tired of her…now shes doing modeling here in israel milking her fame from her small country acting the celebrity. this helps her enormous ego. I have never seen someone so regular climb themselves to the top. No wonder Gisele couldnt stand her. she wasnt proper competition. I think you can get a long way being foreign, ballsy, and being kinky in the bedroom. she has no respect for her country and the damage she has dont to its name nor for her grandmother apparantly. what an ugly person inside and out. Plus i met someone who went to school with her and was her freind. as she climbed herself up, she told this freind she could not be seen in public with them should they continue to dress the way they did, she had an image to maintain.
    I give her ten years people like this usually have to think creatively to make money once the looks fade….

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