Israeli Fashionistas, Take Note

The Israeil fashionistas I’ve seen have the leggings and ruffles look down pat…

I’ve seen them don neon with a vengeance, cut their boy shorts, and wear square heels when  everyone else is wearing 5-inch stilleto pumps.

But here are some of the items I wish they would get their hands on…based on the ultra-chic style of 21-year old Los Angeles style blogger  Taghrid Chaban.

The Boyfriend Blazer

One thing I’ve never understood is why Israelis don’t wear suits.

Well, they do wear suits on occasion, but they are quite dressed down compared to American and European standards.

It’s not uncommon to see Israelis here wear short-sleeved blazers, wrinkled trousers, or flip flops to a dinner party.  You will very rarely see an Israeli in a three-piece suit or a tie.

The story goes that because Israel was mostly desert and because the first Jews that came here were trying to get away from the hard-nosed, Eastern European scene of the Austrian and German upper crust, it sort of became an unspoken rule that Israelis should dress for comfor, not for class.

In America, I wore fashionable print dresses, two-toned heels, and jackets galore.  In Israel, my bosses come to wear in Fox sweatshirts and mismatched shoes.

Talk about a lifestyle change!

And that’s why I bring up the point of the boyfriend blazer.  I love this look–it’s longer then the average cut jacket, yet still fitted to a woman’s body.   You can wear it with lean pinstripe pants to a dinner event or with a summery dress and stacked heels as Taghrid proves here.  Now if only Israelis would follow suit…

The High Waist Skirt and Print Top


This is my favorite Taghrid look and when I asked the stylish fashion blogger where she got the ensemble, she merely muttered, “Vintage.” Well, maybe I won’t be able to get a similar copy of the outfit but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I’d love to find something similar.

Israelis too, should think about playing up the high-waist look. It’s easy, fun, and chic, all at the same time.  I’ve seen lots of American Apparel disco shorts here, but the high-waist skirt look works just as well.  Let it hit right at the hip.

And make sure you pair that with a really bright patterned top; in this case, Taghrid’s t-shirt looks like it had its print painted on and the v-neck of the collar is utterly originally and adds a statement  oomph.  It also pops against the stark black of the bottom.

Trade in those disco shorts for trendy print tops and high-waist skirts.


Here’s a new twist on plaid–wearing it as a skirt.  First, Israeli girls must learn that wearing this trend doesn’t mean you’re going to be considered a bulky lumberjack.

I have seen a few girls wearing it tucked into their high-waist jeans and I must say it’s coming in nicely.  Slowly, but nicely.

They play it up in that Euro way. Much more chic than the Americans, I believe.

The other day, I bought a very cool gray and green and blue plaid dress from Anna Mikulinsky (ענת מיקולינסקי) on Dizengoff. It was nipped at the waist in such a way that it flattered me in every way.  Consider starting your plaid with this trendy designer–she also has one in red and black.

Black & White Menswear

It’s true–I have definitely noticed that the shops in Tel Aviv are more Eurochic menswear then say, the USA’s Banana Republic or even Kenneth Cole.  Look at Castro, for example, who’s items abound with skinny red belts, puff sleeve blazers, and pinstriped dresses.

I wish more girls in Israel would be able to pull this look off–without looking like they’re 1) trying too hard or 2) not trying hard enough.

I’d definitely love to see more vests, more cap sleeves, more wide-leg trousers, more pencil skirts–there’s a way to do it so its beautiful, but still be Israeli casual.

Again, I wish Israelis would dress up more–if not for themselves on the street then to dinner parties, clubs, weddings, and business meetings.

Take note on Taghrid.  The tissue paper thin tank and harem pants are the kind of thing I see on the streets all the time. But that Erin Fetherston bow belt from her Target collection just ties it all together and gives it that menswear flair–without being over-the-top.

Sources:,, Teen Vogue


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