Is This Israeli Fashion News?

Well, not exactly.

But I’m all for Israeli pop culture and models are both celebs and fashion savvy so why not concentrate on them once in a while?

We mentioned a Miss Esti Ginzburg in an rant on why I don’t care for Bar Refaeli.  Looks like Miss Ginzburg might just be following in Bar’s footsteps and cozying up to her own movie star man.  Let’s just hope it’s for real and not to break out big in America.

Celeb blogs and mags like JPost and the New York Post are reporting that there’s something going on in the romance department between this Israeli model and Gossip Girl and soon-to-be Footloose star Chace Crawford.  She’s scheduled to appear in a movie with him, Joel Schumacher’s Twelve, based on a book about NY prep school kids with drug issues (I guess Chace likes that whole Gossip Girl scene.) Ginzburg is a cool 19-years old.

Apparently she was seen texting him all night at a dinner party.

If I had Chace Crawford, I’d be texting him all night at a dinner party, too!


Sources: NYPost, JPost


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