Unfortunately, Israelis Do Dress Like This At Weddings

Yes, Israelis are known for being ultra-casual.  But do they have to wear jeans and short skirts at weddings?

Apparently, they do and they will.  It’s not uncommon to see an overdone bride and then her best friend by her side in a sequined mini that just doesn’t look approriate.  Or a childhood friend who shows up in jeans and a striped sweatshirt–her dressy outfit for the occasion.

Thus it was so at the Keren Peles/Tomer Grentzel wedding where celebs ran amuck but in outfits that were too dressed down.

First, a little back story.  Keren Peles is a singer/songwriter living in Tel Aviv with hits such as רצה הביתה Running Home and my favorite: פז’ו 92

She’s written songs for tons of big Israeli music stars, some of which attended her wedding.  She played keyboard well and had a beautiful voice.  But yes, I noticed she was slightly overweight.  Not a big deal.

This summer, upon seeing her live at Kikar Rabin and on tv on the Israel Music Channel 24, we all noticed she lost weight and I wanted to know why and how (you know for my own self-purposes.)  That’s when I found out it all had to do with a man and a plan.

It’s quite a funny story actually. Keren Peles goes to meet journalist at his home for an interview.  Keren Peles knocks on the wrong door.  Keren Peles greets a man with beautiful blue eyes.  Keren Peles falls in love.  Keren Peles asks the journalist at the right house for the phone number of the man with the beautiful blue eyes.  Keren Peles takes the initiative.  And the rest, they say, is history.

Keren Peles and Tomer Grencel were married just a few days ago and as I mentioned, many of Israel’s biggest music stars came to support the dazzling duo–including Ninet Tayeb, Gidi Gov, Miri Mesika, Muki and Amir Fay Gutman.

And while the ceremony was probably beautiful, the fashion sense apparently wasn’t.

First, let’s take a look at Ninet Tayeb…who chose to wear nude peep toe sandals with a silver horizontally-ribbed dress.

WTF was she thinking?! She looks like she’s going to a strip club, not the wedding of a good friend.  Mind you, I already dislike the fact that she chopped her beautiful locks off but what can you do? Utterly atrocious.

Miri Mesika doesn’t have a size 2 waist and that’s ok.  She’s beautiful and exotic looking.  But what the hell is going on with this neckline? It’s sort of all over the place. If she was at the Oscars, I think the Fashion Police would have to knock her down.

Here’s Yael Doani. Talk about casual! I really don’t want my friends to look like this at my future wedding. I just don’t. It’s not like the ceremony was held at the beach right?

And yes, the men mostly wore button down shirts and black dress pants. You’ll never catch them in tie and it’s ok cause that’s just Israel.  And then there was the hot mess that was Gidi Gov.

He looked like he threw this on then ran out the door.

Well, ok so the guests aren’t exactly fashion winners but what about the bride and groom? Sophisticated, stylish, and chic, right? WRONG!

I’m not sure who or what gave Keren Peles the idea to wear this hot little number.  Kudos to her for losing weight, but this is  not a wedding dress. I’m not really sure what it is, but it’s really short and it’s really blah. The empire waist look with the pattern sort of hangs off her, making her look–shall I say it–EEK—preggers!!!

And I’m pretty sure that’s not what she was going for.

Overall, a big fashion no no.

Sources: Ynet, Walla Fashion


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