More Israeli Then I Thought?

Ok, so her outfit is Marchesa and not some no-name Israeli designer, but my favorite model (yes, that’s dripping with sarcasm) Bar Refaeli is looking more Israeli then we thought at the Young Hot Hollywood Awards a few days ago.

And what exactly do I mean by that? Well, there’s something about Israeli style to me that means more fluff, more ruffles, and much brighter neon.  It’s a standout approach that’s not at all demure and the dress. The dress and shoes are both pronounced and not matching at all.

It’s a bit more Euro, but with a Middle Eastern flair. And definitely not conservative. It’s like an Israeli trying to be American and failing–badly. Which is exactly what she’s doing.

I still don’t like it–there’s a flower blooming out of the fuscia, she’s wearing ugly purple peep toes, and somehow she went overboard on the tanning  and she still has that plain face. But I don’t like Bar to begin with.  And that’s ok.

She won the Crossover Award.  Crossover from what–from Israel to America??

Sources: Just Jared, Ynet


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