Tel Aviv Hipster Style

Just had to add this pic in…

With a bit of an introduction to my favorite Israeli fashion site ILook

This may just be  the epitome of Israeli street hipster style (check out the flat oxfords and oversized, chunky shades) but don’t think everyone in Israel dresses this way! You’ll find many of the girls in tight bustiers, high waist skirts with tutucked in ribbed tanks, flowy print dresses with a cardigan, and too-tight tees. And don’t get me started on those girls that decide to “match” ugly brown boots to their black and white tunics! Yuck!

Maybe she didn’t get all the clothes from Israel…but I think she pulls together the look with a Tel Avivian air.

This girl, however, is very stylish. Like something out of the East Village in New York City.

ILook, created by 26-year-old Nimrod Avigal, is one of Israel’s most popular street fashion blogs and it will only go up from here.

More on that blog later…


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