Inbal Gvili

It was through Sense of Fashion, the online home for independent fashion designers, trendsetters, fans, and shoppers created by Israeli-born Daria Shualy, that I was led to Tel Aviv designer Inbal Gvili, who’s fabulous bright colors and structured pieces have been featured in countless Israeli fashion publications, and in London’s Shop172.

Her asymmetrical trousers and plaid patterns are off-the-cuff, under-the-radar, and totally of-the-moment.  How come more people haven’t heard of her?

Her head pieces, like something out of flapper centerfold of the 1920, are both eccentric and utterly cool. Her buttoned overalls and pleated chiffon skirts are both indie romantic and avant-garde.  Her plaid gathered shirts, draped over dresses, and innovative cuts are keen to the eye, and just right for the Israeli fashionista, who wants to look both Euro-chic and mod all at the same time.

This southern Israeli born stylist has worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood in the U.K., so you know she knows what she’s doing.  She also graduated from the Shenkar School of Design in Ramat Gan (the same place I once got a chance to interview Donna Karan!)

So why doesn’t the rest of the world made her a household name yet?

They better soon!

In recent news, I contacted Inbal myself to ask her where I can buy her styles in Israel.  In pure Israeli fashion (personable and hospitable) she said, “Come to my studio!”

When I do, a full report will be on this blog…along with pictures of my findings of course! Stay tuned…


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