Overpriced American Products in Tel Aviv

Why are imported clothes, shoes, and makeup in Israel so f$#@$$@ expensive?!  Take note.

When I see these urban chic studded sandals at the Nine West in Dizengoff Center, I totally wanted a pair! Then, I saw the price! A whopping 799nis! That’s about $200!

They just went on sale in America and on the Nine West store online for a cool $99!

American Apparel in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is one of the highlights if you want American-style clothes.  And why not? After all, the founder of American Apparel is half-Israeli.

But of course, with custom import clothing comes custom import products. I just bought this $30 American Apparel Melange Jersey pocket skirt from the store in center TA. It cost me 170nis ($42)

And finally, make up! By far the most expensive import from America for women…at least in my opinion.  I opted to buy the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse from the local SuperPharm because I desperately needed foundation and wasn’t getting any from the US anytime soon.

I paid almost 200nis ($50) for this stuff! At home, it’s a measley $10 at the local drugstore…

If they had Sephora here, I wonder how much that would cost!!


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