Maya Bouskilla Foils The Technicolor Dream

I know singers are known for their vocal statements  and not for their fashion statements, but I thought Israeli pop singer Maya Bouskilla dressed pretty well on the set of Big Brother VIP.  So what happened here at friend and fellow Big Brother participant Koki Mordechai’s 37th birthday bash?

She looks like Rainbow Bright meets a Starburst.  We all know that neon brights are in, but wearing them this way just doesn’t cut it.  The dress sags up top and horizontal stripes are never the way to wear colors.  Don’t you realize you’ve already overdone it, Maya? Why the long dress?

The color blocking truly doesn’t work here and the fact that it’s a maxidress makes it worse.  If Maya knew she wanted to wear technicolor, she shouldn’t have worn one quite so prominent.

Please, Maya, next time take a cue from Michelle Monaghan in this lovely Peter Som minidress.  The pattern is pretty, the dress is short, and the look is divine. Elegantly propotioned with the proper shoes and the right shape.   Kudos Michelle!

Source: Ynet

Photos: Ynet,


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