What’s Bar Doing Here?

Sorry for not updating the blog as of late…but I’m heading for a much-deserved trip back to America for the first time since I moved to Tel Aviv in December 2007! I’m very excited about it, a little over stressed, and trying to fit all my Israeli finds into my suitcase while living some room for Intermix, Topshop, and H&M from the US.

In the mean time, here’s someone who’s NOT going to be in America while I’m there…lucky for me! Miss Bar Refaeli has been spotted in town, going to beach clubs and of course, checking out the Eyal Golan concert in Caesaria. (Same one that I went to a month ago, wowee!!)

What is she doing in Israel? Taking a little hiatus post-breakup with Leo?

And what is it that she’s wearing? Look frumpy to me!

To be honest, this floral dress oozes Israeli.  I don’t notice too many young twentysomethings in America with such grandmother  floral frump–but it runs amuck in Israel where the hot weather and lack of quality in the texture of clothing makes it pretty apparent here.

I’ll be updating this blog in the States quite a bit.  How, you may ask? I’ll be sure to point you in the right direction for the latest Israeli fashion and news (although I won’t be there myself, *tear) and of course, I’ll be checking out upcoming Israeli fashion in NYC (Sigal Dekel‘s Soho boutique anyone?)

H&M is coming to Israel in 2010, no? Does that mean I get to write about my new clothes from there? 😉

Source: Ynet


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