Shine On!

If you live in Israel, then you’ve probably seen this Twiggy dress

I saw it today in Anat Mikulinksy’s store. Looks like the fashion designer bought it for her mini boutique on Dizengoff St.

And it’s been getting major play on indie websites like Sense of Fashion and of course, the infamous Israeli T-Market.

The dress was created by one Shira Keydar, the genius behind ShuShine, a fab Israeli brand that’s gotta be big.

It’s part of her Summer 2009 collection Hippy Happy 60’s Mode …

I’m liking this collection.  It’s sort of punky street with a 60s twist. Check out this fab Pandora halter and  a rockin’ Robot tee.

Looks like I can get my hands on ShuShine sooner then I think.  Shira’s having a special Ladies Night Shushine evening sale this Thursday 7/2/09 from 4-11 on a lovely rooftop in Tel Aviv.  All of ShuShine summer 09 collection
and some accessories collected specially for the event will be on sale.  Champagne and watermelon, too.

Shira readily makes herself available too all.  Simply give her a call at 052-509-0667 for more info.

And get your hands on that Twiggy frock before I snap it up!

Source: Sense of Fashion, T-Market

Photos: Boaz Lavi


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