MissMi Much?

Paris and Milan aren’t the only cities bursting with burgeoning fashion labels and designers. Tel Aviv is actually quite an eponymous hotspot for ultra romantic, stylish looks–well-tailored dresses, ruffles, tulip skirts, slight embellishments and elaborate tucked detail are all making the rounds here.

Let me tell you about a little lady named Mirit Weinstock.

Mirit Weinstock’s new MissMi 2009 collection is full of dresses with draped hems, intricate pin tucking, blouses with lace overlay, open backs, bows, and chiffon juxtaposed with a few tough but femme menswear vests. It’s like stepping out of fairy tale fantasy–or the Chanel-like uber couture of the 1930s.

At the same time, she isn’t only sticking to her homebase in the Holy Land. Her MissMi international fashion project showcases girls from all over the world (Romania, South Africa, and the US to name a few) who have photographed themselves in her latest looks. No need to be a model or fashion person–and no guidelines! These self-portraits and the girls they

display are featured on her pretty in pink website: MiritWeinstock.com

Interesting Facts on Mirit:

  • She has worked under Alber Elbaz and Alexander McQueen
  • She’s been featured in fashion sites Refinery29.com and Fashionista.com and Nylon magazine among various Israeli fashion magazines and websites
  • Mirit’s previous line Reine, was once sold at Satine in Los Angeles and Dear Fieldbinder in Brooklyn.
  • Mirit once told me she was eager to get out of the American market for a while and concentrate on Europe and Israel.
  • She designed an asymmetric, full length black silk Oscar dress for Nili Richter, the editor of Waltz with Bashir (Israeli film nominated for Best Foreign Film) who walked it down the red carpet.

Photos: MiritWeinstock.com, Flickr.com


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