The Infamous Cala Dress

Pea from Haifa is one of my favorite Israeli fashion bloggers, because she is beautiful, takes great fashion photos, and consistently puts together wonderful outfits.


She’s very nice too. After she labeled a pair of her Nine West sandals, I Twittered her to ask exactly which ones they were and she went out of her way to find out the name of them.

Recently I saw her post a pic of herself in a beautiful black butterfly dress that seemed so light and airy, but fashionable and one-size fits all (even someone as curvy as me could fit into a dress that was still perfect for a petite little thing like her!

I had to have the dress.  Surprisingly, it turned up on Sense of Fashion, a beta site created by Israeli Daria Shualy and co.showcasing the best in indie fashion designers and fashionistas.

The designer was Israeli label Cala…and she was selling the dress online for a reduced rate.  Only 7 Cala dresses were left and I grabbed one.


Best of all, I had it delivered to me personally!! The wonders of living in Israel.

Photos: Sense of Fashion, אפונה


One thought on “The Infamous Cala Dress

  1. Ealz

    Just as an FYI – Cala are not a designer label, they are a chain of stores which depends largely on imports of mostly cheap threads from the far East – namely, Thailand, which offers cheap shopping for those hoping to import. While they are a trendy destination for TLV girls and have now even opened up more franchises around the city, they are hardly a hotbed of innovative, local design. Just sayin’.

    Good luck with your blog!

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