Lady Gaga in Tel Aviv

Looks like Tel Aviv is becoming the new hotspot for the biggest blowout concerts. In the past 2 months both Lady Gaga and Madonna herself made stops in the cosmopolitan capital of the country, Tel Aviv.

Let’s hope their clothes made as much of a statement as they did!

Lady Gaga may have brought with her a whole slew of fashion faux-pas, but she has come and gone-and I’m sure the religious groups are glad for that!!

The girl who said she would deliberately dress more appropriately in the Holy Land left her usual flair at home for a press conference upon her arrival and a visit to the Western Wall (we’ll let the big cross chain slide), but she certainly didn’t hold back in her Tel Aviv concert last Wednesday and Thursday.

And the cartoonish fashion didn’t hold back either.  See what I mean.

We like the orgami, architectual feel of this attire!

Among other things, she donned a Star of David jacket upon her arrival and faked an orgasm in her concert onstage!



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