Black and White Is Here To Stay

Zara blouse and skirt

And here I thought neon and bright colors were fashion winners…

Well, they still are, but a new article in Bamoda, an Israeli fashion news  website, says the black and white “trend” has the true staying power.

Showcasing everything from polka-dots to pencil skirts, black piping to blazers, Bamoda says “Life may not be black and white, but your clothes can be!”  Variations of the same black dress, white ruffles abound, boyfriend blazers take the cake, and black and white oxfords are this Fall’s hottest item.

They go on to talk of the bright patterns and neon of the past summer and how while that’s all well and good, black and white is really the stellar look that’s bringing us into fall (and every season for that matter.)

Finally, those Israelis have got classic fashion right!

Source: Bamoda


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