Vintage Advantage

Nothing says glamour like a vintage sale, especially an exclusive one with an up-and-coming designer that only invites a select few. This one took place in TA at Helen’s Keller on HaShmonayim St.

From the local design school in town, Keren definitely knows what she’s looking for when buying select pieces.

A friend and I were lucky enough to hit it up and take a glimpse at a  few chic pickings.  The location wasn’t so demure—a sultry bar on the side of the road where the items were being shown—but the pickings certainly were hip.

And for a reasonable price, we certainly had our eye on the few.  Here’s what we saw:


Summer may slowly be dwindling but bathing suits are not—and when the weather is cold outside—why not where yours like a bodysuit—80s leotards in bright patterns are definitely back in style.


Neon and 80s logo tees are definitely worth a second glance.  The ones here came in a variety of styles, colors, and photos.

Billy Idol and David Bowie are very hipster chic anywhere you go.


This red and blue striped vest looks good with a black tee and a chic A-line skirt or some skinny dark jeans.



These textured, solid colored leather bags are beautifully hand crafted and worth toting for the price.

Photos: Roz S


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