Sale Trends in Israeli Fashion

Haaretz writer Hilla Ohayon writes an captivating blog post on recession and the Israeli fashion scene for her own personal blog.  What thrilled me about the piece? Well, I’ve experienced it all myself!

She’s writes that sale season comes early in Israel.  Yes, that’s already, winter collections are out and summer clothes have been marked down as early August and the beginning of September.  While this doesn’t sound abnormal as temps in the States and elsewhere are already dipping below freezing at night, the climate is only beginning to change in Israel in November.  I can still wear a sleeveless top to work and forgo the use of a jacket.

But it was most enrapturing about the post was the way she described a growing trend with Israeli designers–the idea of the  idea of the home and apartment sale!  “Designers do it, customers do it, and it’s happening.  They pick a weekend, get all the designers they want to participate to bring in their clothes, rent an apartment or simply use one of their own and spread the word around that there’s a private home-style sale going on all weekend long.”

I’ve been to many a vintage sale such as this and what I’ve noticed are that the clothes aren’t top-notch but the atmosphere is fun and friendly and–I guess you could say–homey.  That is the point after all isn’t it?

To expand on that idea I’ve also noticed that Israeli designers are very personal.  When asking a designer like Inbal Gvili about her new line, I was quickly given her personal cell phone number and an opportunity to visit her studio.  Mirit Weinstock also regularly has fashion fiends pop by her Jaffa location.

Designers such as these tend to have large open parties  to promote the new line.  Mirit Weinstock is holding an open party to promote her new MissMi  winter collection of exclusive items of womenswear, menswear, vintage items, wedding dresses and a special jewelry line.  Cafe Bizarre, the store on Ben Yehuda filled with hip clothing lines like The Hellers,  is throwing a big sale party to promote discounts and get rid of their last summer clothes.  And they’re both on the same night! (I hope to attend both, pictures and blog posts to follow.)

The Hellers at Cafe Bizarre
The Hellers at Cafe Bizarre

Hilla continues, “The discounts are usually pretty minor. It’s the happening, the gathering, the music, the drinks and mostly the clothes that make it all to become successful events in general, and beneficial sales for the designers. These kinds of sales are all over the city at the last weekend of the month. ”

Well, it’s almost November, baby and the party sales are happening.

Source: Hilla Ohayon, Mirit Weinstock, Cafe Bizarre


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