Accessories Market Coming to Tel Aviv

Like its stylish sister, the T-Market, the annual שוק האקססוריז (Accessories Market) is making its way to Tel Aviv, with gobs of rings, bracelets, shiny necklaces, charms, and pretty things to add a punch to your favorite ensembles at the end of October.

Here’s the deal:

Opening night for the event is Thursday, October 29 where with a mere 10nis entrance fee one can enjoy eyeing up the racks of jewelry and trinkets with a discounted price on 10 items over 150nis.  The market ends October 31st.

Girls, don’t be worried you’ll have to drag your boyfriends along.  There will be loads of stuff for men, too.

Oh yea, did we mention you can go shoe shopping too? Guess we forgot about the loads of heels, boots, and sneakers for the taking. It’s a fashion lover’s dream!

And yes, there will be items for the winter season: Shorts, belts, shoes, pins, evening bags, bows, stockings, purses, socks, glasses, gloves, and chains.

The fair was established three years ago simply to offer fashion lovers exclusive items made especially for the occasion,  discounts and a lovely shopping atmosphere.

Here’s the schedule:

10/29/09 18:00-23:00, w/ an evening gala

10/30/09 10:00-19:00

10/31/09 11:00-22:00

Ganei Atarucha, Rokach, Tel Aviv

I suggest coming early!

Wait, I forgot the most important part! The labels that will be there 🙂

It’s a looooooooooooong list.

Adamas, Chick2chick, Dario’s, Style therapy, Nuki’s, Fauna & Flora, Mar jewelry, Fly London, Kitsch Bitch, Nudie Jeans, Shkoof, Misto, Fornarina, Gb, Gioielli by liat, O-shan, Eva Teffner, Twisted, Frog, My secret face, Comoiris, 220V, Duende, Xray, Ulla, Komodo, S***R, Neutra, DN, Estella, Imelda, Kika, Sumka, Need-it,, Feinschmecker, morVEyos, Otilya’s, Bellinky, More, Mellisa, Cyan, Sivan Oren, Li-o-la, Madame pompon, Mariposa, kawa, anya fleet, toosha

And roughly translated:

Shirley Yerushalmi, Dawn, Tamar Kirsberg, Hoffman’s father, Orit Hadad, Lee Eisen, Ellen Rubin, Aeolic, Limor Rothman, Maya, Hadas Shaham, Shannon Miller, Meirav Gavish, Osnat Har Noy, Roni Kantor, Inbal Bitan, Ayala Freundlich, Lydell, Anat Sapir, Lydia Brenner, Liliana, loops, Atara, Galit Gurevich, Missy Weitzman, Lee Monk, Liat Ginsburg, Leahy Wallach, Meital Toledo, Jenny Chaikin, Einat Paz, Shlomit Ophir, Tamara, Karen Aton, Studio Eyes, Claudia Monkin, Limor Colnbernr and more.



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