Casino Night

My favorite neighborhood bar on Ben Yehuda St. is my comfort zone in times of trouble. I always feel better there.

Perhaps it’s because the place, Yeoshua, is like my Cheers.  Everybody knows my name.  And I don’t mean that in a show-off, diva kind of way.  I say that because literally, people are so warm  that they go out of their way to know your name, if you make the effort to smile at them.  At least, that’s what I believe.

No, I don’t only head there in times of trouble.  I head there for happy times, too. The owner of the place, Amit Hajbi, the most humble guy I’ve ever met, had a casino-themed birthday party this past Saturday.

I know what you’re thinking. Simona, you say he’s humble, but he just threw this big casino bash with all the trimmings.

Yes, but he was walking around the whole night making sure everyone else was happy.  That’s how he is.  And we love him for it.

The place is not big.  And it was packed. Everybody ❤ Hajbi.

The place was decorated in regal fashion, with poster-size cards hanging on the wall, semi-big blocks of brightly colored dice, and poker chips with the faces of the bartenders.  And the regular crew was decked out, too.  The bartenders dressed in black button-down shirts and white ties.

And of course, I was there, scoping out the fashion of the crowd, some of which looked better than I’ve ever seen them.  Here are my favorite looks of the night:

You can’t beat Valerie’s award-winning ensembles.  For a 70s party, she was hippie punk rocker chic in a sleeveless shift dress and a headband.  What do you call this look? I guess you could say it’s A Clockwork Orange meets Charlie Chaplin.  Whatever you call it, it works! Love the bowler hat, the pinstripe button-down, the argyle tie.

These girls were rockin’, especially the one on the left with the swirly floral red halter and the chunky eyeglasses.  Everywhere I see here, whether in Yeoshua or not, she’s always looking very hipster and very stylish in tissues tanks and high-waist American Apparel skirts.  She’s one to follow.

A military-inspired tube dress with straps and brass-like buttons for Meytal, with a red belt just loose enough to stick in a deck of cards.

Actually have no clue who this igirl is but I love her striped off the shoulder top and that cute white flower pin.

I love men who clean up nicely! Ofir Kamil and the birthday boy, Yeoshua owner Amit Hajbi.

Ira Frish has a great eye for fashion. (I know, we talked about it over chicken salad at Cafe Cafe.) She will look for any excuse to dress up and even when she’s not dressed (distressed jeans and a white tank top) she still manages to look killer with peep toe flats. This night was no different, trading in her denim for puff sleeves, a pencil skirt, and an animal print tie!

Sorry Rotem, but I must include you here.  I love your checkered 80s garb!

Yes, yes, I must confess–polka dots are a trend that will never go out of style!

I picked this photo for the ladyl in the red tank with the interesting collar.  You go girl!

Photos: Daniel Deezee Photography


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