More Tales of Bad Israeli Fashion

I’ve seen it all here.  The too-tight spandex leggings with the form fitting shirts oozing of back fat.  The brown boots with black and white striped tunic.  The vintage gone wrong. Yes, while Israel has its share of stylish fashionistas (think Israeli style bloggers Afoona Pea and Noa from Hook The Look, just to name a few), it also has its major fashion faux-pas.

And unfortunately, all too often, that occurs in the Israeli celebrity area.  I’m not sure if this is because these Israeli stars think that they have the right to wear knee socks, ribbed tanks, or lace or if it’s because Israel’s style is so all-over casual that an unspoken rule informs all of the land’s residents that its ok to wear jeans and flip flops to a wedding.  But Israeli superstars, singers, authors, actors, movie stars are the worst kind of fashion no-nos I’ve seen yet.  And so in homage to the bad fashion that is Israel (and hopefully everyone up with a slap in the face that says DO NOT DRESS LIKE THIS AND LEAVE YOUR HOUSE) I present “Tales of Bad Israeli Fashion.”

Do not try this at home.

Ninet Tayeb

The first star to come off Kochav Nolad (Israel’s version of American Idol,) Ninet Tayeb was still a bit of a child when she won the show, singing a Zohar Argov classic.  She quickly grew up, thinned out, and her fashion followed suit–lots of black and white Victorian-style chic.  Of course upon shaving her head to promote cancer awareness for a tv commercial, I liked her gal, but she went through a Keri Russell as Felicity sort of phase.  Her popularity went down, she didn’t make new records.

Now with a ever-so-slight change in frame and her hair growing out, Ninet is going back to the appealing woman we all know and love, though unfortunately her fashion has gone from bad to worse.  You’ll regularly see her in form-fitting pencil skirts and rather unfortunately, breasts that sag.  Her shoes are nothing to be desired, usually flats that make her look as short as she really is.

What gets me about this outfit though–the transparent top and see through bra underneath.  The top itself wouldn’t be so bad, if it wasn’t typical Israeli fashion–like those old Mizrachi ladies who dress up for a party as if they’re stepping out for a minute to hang their clothes out to dry.

Orit Shachaf

I don’t know anything about Orit Shachaf ( from the Israeli rock band HaYehudim and I don’t know anything about her fashion choices, but I do know wearing a ruched red dress (like something out of Fredrick’s or Agent Provocateur with white knee socks and Mary-Janes is a big fashion no-no! She looks like a Bavarian yodeler who rummaged through a hooker’s closet!

Mei Feingold

Ok, I get it.  The use of lace in Israel is sort of like a cross between Euro and Middle Eastern chic.  After all, it’s not too common to see lots of lace being worn in America, but in Israel, I see it all the time–on shirts, on wedding gowns…

Unfortunately Mei Fengold, second runner up for this year’s Kochav Nolad wears it the typical Israeli way.  That means a sort of garish-Victorian look with a high neck collar or ruffles and lace that is not classy, but crass–always see-through with black top protruding underneath.  Don’t get me wrong, I love menswearish looks wear a black vest covers the romantic ruffled button-down blouse, but this lace has got to go.  Sorry Mei!

Photos: Ynet, Flickr,



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