Castro 2009/2010 Winter Collection

I always knew Israel could play the fashion game.  And while it may not be on the level of other fashion meccas like London, Paris, and Milan, it definitely knows what is of-the-moment where trends are concerned, and builds upon its own vast history and landscape to bring it out.

Take Castro’s 2009 Winter Collection.  While the theme for this year is the nostalgia of summer days, the line contains pieces that are based on classic architecture, asymmetrical lines, rhythm and thick textures, which with the onslaught of the sharp shoulders blazers and sculpted Balenciaga enterprise is not surprising.  The urban structure, however, is mixed with the calm peacefulness of the Mediterranean Sea, which of course, Tel Aviv is famously known for having at its doorstep.

The Castro Men line is the classic look of Euro-chic and movie stars, sharp, well-dressed and debonair.  This, of course, mixed with the quintessential Israeli theme of the warrior heading off into battle.

Despite the lack of quality in the making of its clothing, I’ve always admired Castro’s attention to the overall trends happening on the European side of the world–particularly its use of Victorian themes, menswear for women, and its current sculpted looks.

Oh and did we mention former Miss Israel and current Fast and the Furious 4 star Gal Gadot is back as their headline model.  We’re sure you caught her in that black and white commercial with that hottie model carrying a couch across Tel Aviv. 🙂


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