The Facehunter in Tel Aviv

Itching to accomplish your  fashion dreams?  Perhaps you should look to Swiss-born Yvan Rodic (now living in London,) a style photographer who’s fashion photographer who’s fashion photo blog Facehunter has grown to such popularity, its given the push to get a book deal, a new show on Web Tv and an iPhoto application.

Perhaps coolest of all? The 80-day around the world excursion Yvan Rodic is taking to continue his fashion photo blitz and see what styles are like across five continents.

The Facehunter has already hit fashion events in London, Paris, and Tokyo, but seems much more satisfied to take photos of the locals, who don’t even realize they’re setting trends and making old trends come to life.

As part of his new 80-day trip, Yvan will be hitting up South Africa, Australia, and Argentina.  He has already been seen in Thailand, Korea, and our own Israeli fashion capital, Tel Aviv, which he visited in the beginning of October.

Yvan w. Israeli Oh So Arty blogger Sarah Peguine

Not sure Tel Aviv had much fashion to offer Yvan, at least that’s how he saw it.   He didn’t put many fashion photos up, and chose to focus on the “easy outfits”, people wearing basics like striped shorts and lace, a stark contrast to the haute couture flounce and bright neon of cities like Bangkok and Paris.  It didn’t seem he was so inspired by it as he put up very few pictures of the people.

Of course it wasn’t all hard work.  Yvan hung with  Oh So Arty blogger Sarah Peguine, Way Too Yellow fashion blogger Sefi Erlich, Yael EligoulachviliI Have a Rendezvous with You blogger Rufina Valery Valsky and they took him to the beach (some of his fashion photo inspiration photos took place there) and to a few choice Israeli clubs.

Later in an video Q&A with the team (Sarah, Rufina, Yael) at Arterview, a video blog of interviews conducted with leading and emerging figures of the art, fashion and music industry in Israel and abroad, Yvan called Israeli style  “very basic” and says he was not surprised by what he’s seen.

“There’s not such refinement if I compare it with other places,” he continues.

That may be true, but then what to make of the round of talented Israeli style bloggers cropping up on the blogsophere  include Fashion Pea, I Heart Fashion, and Shelly’s Private Collection, Sense of Fashion, an international shop and share indie and vintage start-up site by former Time Out Tel Aviv and Haaretz editor Daria Shualy, winning street fashion sites like ILook and The Streetswalker, stores like Cafe Bizarre and Frau Blau and fabulous designers  including Mirit Weinstock, The Hellers, and Inbal Gvili.

Well, perhaps Yvan didn’t see any of that.  I do personally think that Israel and Tel Aviv has an untapped fashion potential that’s waiting to explode.  One thing’s for sure, people are not afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd her.

For now, Yvan can continue to think that Tel Aviv is ” easy/sexy”  and “Not so forward, not so conceptual.” But let’s hope his next trip to Israel finds it a completely changed place, like the land itself.

To check out Yvan’s photos from Tel Aviv go to his Facehunter posts on Tel Aviv here and here and his visual diary version here.

Sources: Arterview, Oh So Arty, Facehunter, Yvan Rodic’s personal blog


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