Mohawk For Your Money

Back in October, a Haaretz article mentioned by a blogger for Israel21c’s Israelity blog told us nice boy crops are out, flipped out punks ‘dos are in.

Perfected by the modern metrosexual of David Beckham, the Mohawk has made its way back on the scene, at least where Israelis are concerned, says Tahel Frosh, author of the article.

“For a while now, an increasing number of men can be seen walking the streets with a surprising tuft of hair standing straight up on top of their heads,” she says, “Mohawks have made a comeback.  Thus begging the question – why now?”

Tahel says this modern version is everything from stick straight to rockabilly, manly but quite “offhand.” Usually it means the bachur has shaved or shortened sides, and the front sticks up or out.

Israeli musicians  are wearing them, too. Take a look at Asaf Avidan of the hit group Asaf Avidan and the Mojos (just signed with Sony!) who leaves the sides of his head shaved with a tuft of hair patted down in front.

Asaf Avidan

Or there’s Charlie Megira, who’s surfer’s wave hair makes him look like a doo wop star from the 50s instead of an Israeli rock and roller.

Charlie Megira

A kind of ‘50s retro meets 80s punk, the author says and I’m quick to agree.  After all, punk in the ‘80s did revert back to hairdos from ‘50s.

Musician Aviv Geffen wears his flipped out 'do slightly thicker on the sides

And would you agree that the Israeli arsim with their too-much gel and spiky dos are sort of trying to do the same? Rockabilly hair owners would be quick to deny they have anything to do with Israel’s so-called sleazy set, but the arsim do try to emulate.

What’s my conclusion? These guys are your modern everyday Euro punk posers, who want to be noticed, but try too hard to make it look like they’re not trying at all.  They’re fun to look at, though.

Photos: Wikipedia,,

Sources: Israelity, Haaretz


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