Sneak Peek Urban Chic

I’m planning my next IGoogledIsrael fashion post, but let me give all my lucky readers a sneak peek.

Last week, the Urban Fair took place in Cat & Dog, a snappy bar with a high ceiling and an underground art deco appeal, located on Carlibach St. about 15 minutes from the center of town.

Remember what I told you about Tel Aviv’s intimate fashion community? The sales that take place in apartments, studios, and the bars that you danced in the night before? Perfect example.

Cat & Dog is one of the most well-known locales in TA to take in for a drink or  hear the latest electro underground beats.  With competition in the area (the street has four bars in one concentrated area), it’s still going strong! And last week, it was the place to check out a bevvy of up and coming designers looking to make a name for themselves in the fashion and art world. While I didn’t focus my energy on the art exhibit in the next room, I did make sure to check out the graphic prints, flirty bubble dresses, and poppy shoulder padded getups of the designers on display.

One seriously stylish sista: Korin Gold-Megadim of Developpe, a stylist who also created and hand-painted her own mod jewerly for the edgy girl with a flare.  (I bought two necklaces.)

Ever the fashionista, she dressed up for the affair, pulling together a green top with wide sleeves and red brushstrokes, a black pencil skirt, and the cutest scrunched red belt.

While I managed to mingle with a few promising designers (how else to get the fab pics you’ll see soon,) I didn’t do much socializing with the lovely ladies who shopped till they dropped.  They were fashionable nonetheless, even when picking out new clothes.  I saw white face emblazoned tees under tuxedo blazers, oxford booties, and one funky prepster wore a green v-neck sweater and 3 dimensional red heart necklace over a white button down shirt and black skirt.

More on the intriguing designers and buyers (some of the clothes were imported from London and France and sold at the sale) coming up on IGoogledIsrael next week!


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