Shoe Blues

The shoe above is one that would very rarely be seen in Tel Aviv.

I always wondered why Israelis, especially the more fashionable Tel Avivits very rarely wore stilettos or pointy toe heels.  I always chalked it up to the sand and the unpaved streets.  For example, I work in a start-up hi-tech company in Kfar HaYarok (a small moshav-like village outside north Tel Aviv) with lots of sand and dirt, and believe me, I would never wear my patent oxfords  heels there.

But look at all the girls who wear sky-high shoes to clubs in the Meatpacking District in NY. That road is full of cobblestones.  No matter.  Girls will suffer with pinched toes and sore soles for the chance to look at extra-special.

Not Israelis.  While shoes are important here (otherwise why would girls go out of their way to find trendy scrunched boots or printed flats, comfort is more so. )

Though you’ll see it on the occasional girl going out for a night on the town, you’re more likely to see them in square pegged heels, round toe pumps, flats, or of course, the oh-so-popular kafkafim (flip flops.) And why not? If some of the trendiest clubs will let you in little more than half a shoe on your foot, you would try to remain as comfortable as possible, no? Well, at least that’s what I think the Israeli mindset wants us to believe.

Unfortunately, the best quality shoes (usually the best looking too!) are the ones that are the most expensive.  Too many of my square pegged ankle boots bought in Israel have been worn down too quickly, too many kitten heels losing their luster.  And who wants to lug a stylish pair of lace up peep toes to a night out on the town when most of the girls are wearing flats anyway?

One advantage to buying shoes in Israel–lots of colors and styles for the winter months, ones that you’ll really have to look to find in America like boots with leg warmers attached or faux-suede round toe platforms.

I found this great pair of slightly scrunched down blue boots in the Israeli shoe shop Togo, when they were having a sale…and I ❤ them!

Now let’s see how long they last…



One thought on “Shoe Blues

  1. Angel

    Hi Simona,

    Me and my family call ToGo the “Had Paami” Shop. I hope they last, they’re pretty. But chances are that they’ll fall apart very quickly.

    On a side note, Israeli’s go for quantity rather than quality which is why designer shoes (Miu Miu, Steve Madden, Replay) and super designer shoes (Jimmy Choo, Loboutians (sp?) etc etc) don’t really sell well over here. Also again, those companies don’t really focus on the comfort side of things.

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