Rock or Die…With Grandma’s Buttons

Tel Aviv’s tight-knit fashion community is known for having fashion and vintage sales inside their own apartments. So when my friend Becky told me her friend Michal Dafnai had just come back from a highly productive trip to Hong Kong with tons of new stylish pieces and was having her own such affair, I couldn’t resist.  It all happened last Friday from 11am to 6pm just two blocks away from my own living quarters. Just enough time to roll out of bed, thrown on my acid wash shorts and head out the door.

Michal’s brand, Rock or Die, among other things, featured asymmetrical lace vests, studded tanks, and of course, my favorite multi-color pointy shoulder shirt.

But that wasn’t all.  Michal brought along friend Noa Kurtz, who displayed her vivid creations–fabulous color earrings made out of…you guessed, her grandmother’s jacket buttons.

I had to buy a unique pair.  The perfect vintage present. How do they look?


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