Fashion Blogger Meetup

In my first meet up with an Israeli fashion blogger (with hopefully many more to come!) I had the chance to spend a day with Angel Cutsforth, a Brit with the best Israeli (Hebrew) fighting skills I’ve ever heard! Better yet, she’s a fantastic vintage blogger who really knows her stuff.  (She, too, posted about our experience!)

It’s about time I learned something about vintage and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Angel was very vintage femme in a black top with a tan print skirt that hit below the knee, black opaque tights from American Apparel (which I seriously coveted the entire day) and a pair of brown Oxford booties from Zara, which she said were seriously comfortable.  The black Mary Poppins-inspired medicine bag was also thrifted and Angel says it’s going into her Etsy shop very soon. (Not if I buy it first!)

I wore a black Anat Mikulinsky romper (only 100nis!) over a pair of gray tights and a black Michael Stars turtleneck, and paired it with a graphic belly shirt from American Apparel and a beaded gray necklace. (It just goes to show that you don’t have to have enviable six-pack abs to wear a shirt that’s supposed to be cut at the midriff.) The outfit went with my knee-high faux-suede from Alloy, a tweenish store with H&M like prices (At only $40, the boots were quite a steal!)

I awoke at the ghastly hour of 8am for a last minute doctor’s appointment.  We were supposed to meet at the corner of King George and Allenby, but like the ever-ready shopper she is, Angel changed our entire route when we realized it would be easier to meet on Ibn Gvirol for breakfast.

Our first stop was my favorite hyper-color boutique Cafe Bizarre.  I have been, without a doubt, enamored with the store for quite some time now, but this was Angel’s first excursion to this retro, neon palace.  Owner Tal Holtzman gathers quite a collection from some of the best indie names like colorful patterned shirts from Easy Innocence, bold technicolor frocks from Inbal Gvili and The Hellers, and the amazingly stylish Anglomania collection from Vivienne Westwood, which Tal says is pretty much the reason she started following fashion in the first place.

Angel was quite infatuated with the store and scooped up this pair of  beautiful pair of lace-draped turquoise high-waist shorts and while I couldn’t actually afford any Vivienne Westwood, I had to try on this red and blue striped military jacket with brass buttons.

At 4000nis, it’s equivalent to spending an entire two months rent.  But it’s Vivienne Westwood!  Would you expect anything less?

For my first Tel Aviv vintage shopping experience, we headed over to Mugrabe on TK and were met with an array of classic Oxford lace-up flats, floral dresses, and black and white blouses.  I eyed a structured beige menswearish jacket and decided to snap it up–it was only 60nis!

The perfect addition to a black pencil skirt and my black patent Oxford booties from Target.

We headed on to Eshet Chail, where I eyed some white grandma owl frames and a pair of green clip-on-earrings.  While neither of us bought anything there, we both went a little bit stir-crazy at Shoe Shoe, a more expensive shoe shop on Tchernikovsky that comes highly recommended for the most comfortable, albeit pricey boots and heels.

We urged each other on and I swiped a pair of square-pegged, two-tone, blue-tinged glittery leather ankle boots while Angel (with some light coaxing from me), tried on Mary Janes from Shelley’s in the Uk that had amazing bows on the T-strap front.  They fit well and looked great on her and hopefully, didn’t put her in the poorhouse. (All we can say is thank god Israel offers monthly payments on clothes and shoes!)

We continued on to places like Ahava L’Shnia, HaMachteret (The Underground), Guluaz, and other places on Shenkin.  It was there that Angel spied the covetable Melissa shoes in a window.  These rubber babies are a collaboration with shoe designer Melissa and Vivienne Westwood and they’re waterproof heels! Angel had been researching them online for quite some time and couldn’t believe that a Shenkin shop carried them! She tried on a pearlised black Ashanti boot and white peep toes with hearts on the front and bought the Ashanti pair, which fit her well.

I asked her later if they were worth it and she said, “You should always spend more on a good pair of shoes. I do. ” How right she is!

While we were on the hunt for a good pair of black opaque tights for me (American Apparel has run out!) we stopped to buy them at the local Shenkin SuperPharm.  I have to tell you, Angel, the tights aren’t as opaque as I would like, but I do thank you for urging me to buy them–unlike most tights which are nylon (these are microfibered), you can tell it will be a long time before they rip.

No, neither of us will be shopping for the next month, but we did make some fine purchases.  But fortunately for me, it was an extremely pleasurable and highly successful first-time vintage shopping experience, and more so, I know I’ve made a true friend that I will be shopping with for many more years to come!

You must check out her blog and always go to her for the very latest and greatest news on all things vintage. Thanks Angel!