DeeZee Fashion Photos

Daniel Aloni, who you may remember as the one who took those highly stylized photos from the themed Yeoshua party I posted about a few weeks back, is becoming quite the professional photographer.  If this is how she is in the quote unquote “amateur” part of her career, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with when she starts studying the craft for good.

For fashion, the photographer is just as important as the model and the clothes.  The photographer decides what goes where, what pose looks best, and what fits and doesn’t fit the camera.  They can often make their model appear ten times better looking, thinner, prettier, or more important with the right stance, the right location, the right clothes.

Here’s what I mean:

Daniel recently took some professional photos of her friend Racheli Tzairi in a meadow, but told me specifically that these weren’t fashion photos.  I said, “What are you talking about? They so totally are!” Look at those black opaque tights, the floral patterned dresses, the posing.  What she’s wearing is obviously very important to the picture and you had to make sure that it looked good.

“That is true,” Daniel told me, “I had to make some decisions about her clothing.  For example, she brought this awful black shirt [to the photo shoot] and I said, ‘No way, we can’t use that on camera. It wouldn’t look good.'”

Luckily, the final product looked just right.

Visit Daniel “DeeZee” Aloni’s photography page here.


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