Good Fashion Sense

Thank you Daria Shualy! Because of you and your fabulous fashion site, Sense of Fashion, open to shoppers, designers, trendsetters, photographers, and style lovers, I’ve become privy to taking daily outfit style photos of myself every single day.  I’ve also become more fashion-conscious, despite working in a start up office setting where the bosses are prone to “dressing up” in faded jeans and Gap sweatshirts. (Did I mention it was outside Tel Aviv in a sandy little village called Kfar HaYarok, where I walk amongst little kids and animals?)

Daily Outfit Photo from Sense of Fashion

Daily Outfit Photo from Sense of Fashion

Your site provides the perfect place to display my amateurish, yet dedicated fashion photos in a non-judgmental style environment the likes of which have not been seen on Chictopia or, where every fashionista appears an archetype of supermodel proportions.

Here fashionistas can display their newest designs, model the latest pieces, and sell the items that are bulging out of their closets.  I can mingle with other stylish ladies and gents over wardrobe emergencies and help them their choose their next statement bag or newest pair of boots.  I can get inspired by their looks. And I can find out what they’re dressing like all over the world– in China, Japan, USA, Poland, Brazil, Australia and Israel.

Your site partakes in the newest, coolest trend–where online media venues  are changing  the way consumers interact with fashion brands and the fashion industry.

You, Daria, founder of an uber-chic new stomping ground , alongside web developer and CTO Yariv Habot and product and marketing manager Yael Givon have created the ultimate online fashion masterpiece, rivaling international style and shopping sites all over the world.

(l to r) Yael Givon & Daria Shualy

And guess what? You’re Israeli! All three of you are.  Simply the kind of thing that must be mentioned on an Israeli style that fashionistas worldwide can enjoy.

Just goes to show this tiny little country knows a BIG thing or two about fashion.



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