Israeli Fashion Inspiration: סטודיו rupa

It all started with the shoes in the last post.  I have a new thing for Mary-Janes and bows and those had the two paired in an amazing green color.  But as it turns out, it wasn’t about the shoes.

As I was doing a search to find out where I could get those heavenly beauties, I cam across a new Israeli brand and realized it wasn’t about the shoes at all.  It was about the socks! More so, it was about where the socks came from.

Thus, in a new series I created based on Israeli fashion items and looks that inspire me, I’d like to introduce all of you to a funky little brand called Studio Rupa (סטודיו rupa.)

We all know tights in all fabrics and shades, are a big thing now.  But knee socks?  You got it, dude!

But it’s not so much the socks that make me love this סטודיו rupa label, it’s the concept behind it.

Studio Rupa was founded last year out of a network of footwear designers who wanted to expand their labels as well as add other fashion accessories to accompany their shoes.  Their designs for Studio Rupa are ones that have grown from a collaborative effort on their part.

I like that.

The name and brand is inspired by a time you probably remember from Grandma.

So far, the collaboration has produced stockings and socks, which were launched last winter.  This year, they added unisex and male and female bags to the collection.

But we’re not here to talk about bags, we’re here to talk about socks!

A charming set they provide textured socks with geometric shapes, animal prints, and figurines that look painted on. Best worn with shoes that will let the socks do the talking!

Tights: 85 shekels. Knee socks: 35-55 NIS.

210 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv

להשיג ברשת שופרא, ברשת בהונות, Bunker Alma boutiques, Tel Aviv



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