Model Israeli Style Bloggers

Well, I’m in awe.  How about you?

Three of Israel’s most well-known style bloggers got together this past month to model styles that are going to be sold at this weekend’s “Wear It” designers bazaar to benefit the Tel Aviv Rape Crisis Center.  In hopes of promoting the event,whose proceeds will be donated to the Center, Dar Mashiach (FashionPea), Ofer Yeger  (Fashion Cupcakes) and Shelly Peleg (Shelly’s Private Collection) got together with photographer Shay Filosof and  Efrat Oppenheimer, a coordinator from the Center,  to model the latest looks to be sold this Friday and Saturday at Ganei Ha’atarucha in Tel Aviv. They met in Shelly’s graphic design studio

Designers have donated many previous collections for the event. From the blogs I learned this event is being held for the seventh time and clothes will be priced from 10 to 300nis.  Sounds like a great bargain to me (300nis is NOT all that much considering some people spend 700nis for a pair of shoes. )

Perhaps Shelly said it best, “Most importantly,you can buy with a clear conscience and even with pride.  Every dollar you spend there goes to a really good cause.”

Many volunteers are making the event happen. (Organizers even asked for volunteers on their official invitation.)

The girls had the opportunity to choose from stacks of clothes, jewelery, accessories, and shoes (much of which will be sold this Friday, Saturday!) and learned from Efrat about the important work being done at the Rape Crisis Center.

For example, did you know that every employee at the Center volunteers and the Center is kept open solely on donations?  An even bigger to hit this even this weekend!

Dar wears: Ruffled baby doll dress from אמה, hair bow w/ feather from Abigail  Adam, Bag from Estella, Polka Dot tights

Ofer wears: Gray structured dress w/ big buttons from Lia, Shoes from שומייקר, Necklace from Anat Telpaz-Kitsch Beach, Headband from Abigail Adam, Ring from Shlomit Ophir, Lace tights

Shelly wears: Long gray maxi dress from Lia, bracelets and rings from GB, feathers from Abigail Adam, lace cardigan, Brown belt

These are my favorite photos from the shoot:

Dar, Shelly, Ofer, Efrat

In case of emergency, please call Rape Crisis Center Tel Aviv: 1202 for women, 1203 for men

“Wear It” Designers bazaar: Friday, 12/25 10:00-18:00, Saturday 12/26 10:00-20:00

Entrance fee: 5 nis, Ganei Ha’atarucha, Pavillion 16, Tel Aviv

Photos: Fashion Pea, Shelly’s Private Collection, Fashion Cupcakes, NiPhoto


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