Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz

Yes, while you may have noticed that I skipped this weekend’s fashion buzz entry (currently in the process of moving to a new apartment in Tel Aviv and there’s a lot on my plate!) I’ll have to make it up to you all by including a new series being posted every week to top off the one about fashion events and news I already have going.
This one, deemed the not-so-original, but hopefully quite enticing Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz highlights various the Israeli fashion-related blogs that make the rounds among the most stylish of Israeli fashionistas (and of course, my very own Google Reader!)

You’d be surprised how many talented, stylish fashionistas run amuck our tiny little country.  FashionPea, TheStreetswalker, Fashion Cupcakes, ModANA—just to name a few.  Here’s what’s going on in our little fashion blogosphere community this week.

  • Idée Géniale is a talented French Canadian style ingenue currently living in Brooklyn.  She conquers a vibrant retro vintage femme style that is all her own.  Sense of Fashion
  • Angel Cutsforth makes us pine for another era, highlighting her vast collection vintage at her Etsy shop.  Everything on sale now! Angel’s Style Scrapbook.
  • At noon, Friday, Yael Sloma snapped an uber fashionable couple on Frishman St., 5 minutes from where I currently live! Turns out the person she stopped for a photo was none other than Maya, creator of another stylish blog HA-GARÇONNIÈRE. The Streetswalker.

  • Back on the 24th of this month, web designer Einat highlighted the fabulous knitwear and accessories of Avishag’s Etsy shop, which she’s been following for quite some time now including one very chic Victorian crocheted scarf.  DesignBreak.
  • Rene Talvora is photographed at the Tel Aviv Port in nautical stripes from American Apparel, a coat from Fornarina and shoes from מתאלנד. Fashion Fashion Fashion.
  • Thanks to Malka Meiersdorf of Milk & Honey Imports, we learn the newest issue of Nylon magazine got their hands on the Israeli Birenzweig label, a collection of urbanwear that feels very Eurochic. The Milk & Honey Blog.

Coming Up on Fashion Israel: Fashionable Photos from The Rothschild Street Party!


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