Power Fashion

The gossip pages of Ynet’s Culture section featured a gathering of Israeli celebs (deemed “the power players of Jerusalem”) who came to check out a new bar there called Ernest Hemingway opened by Tommy and Tal Yarok from Israeli Survivor.

But it wasn’t the new bar that caught my eye. More so, it was the great Euro meets rocker-inspired style from some of the stars. In a society where the street fashion is better then most of the ensembles worn by the rich and famous, I found it quite refreshing.

Yehuda Levi (sans sometimes fashionable girlfriend/singer Ninette Tayeb) in his trademark blazer and black trousers, looked a little bit trendy, a little bit grunge in the logo rocker worn underneath.

אגם רודברג wore an H&M futuristic black and white powersuit ensemble I’ve also seen on Dar from Fashion Pea.

Asi Isralof’s pregnant wife Efrat was especially pretty in a  retro print blouse with high-waist black pants.

I love Maya Dagan‘s mix and match.  She pairs a sleeveless Astro boy cartoon dress with a black cardigan, knit tights, and a funky star print scarf.

Photos: Ynet


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