Today, I throw on my American Apparel latex leggings, a sharp-shouldered green shirt from a label I scouted at the Urban Fair called Begadim, and my new pair of silver two-tone All Black ankle boots from ShoeShoe.  Then I’ll join my friends at a fish restaurant in North Ben Yehuda, where I’ll probably tackle fish fillet while my friend battle fish with bones (I can’t stand it!) and after we’ll hope to party the night away.  No, it’s not the New Years hoopla I’m used in America, but it’s Sylvester and I like it.

Oh yeah, and all the clothes were bought in Israel. How about that?

Here’s to bringing a new and improved year of the latest in Israeli fashion.

I never wear latex and I’m ready to give it a go especially for NYE.  As one of my favorite style blogger, Taghrid Chaaban said in a recent post, “I’ve got a pair of black & silver striped sequin shorts and I think NYE is the only day of the year I can wear them out while keeping my dignity intact.”

Here’s to outrageous style.  See you in 2010.


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