It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

One of the perks of living in Israel…it’s 80 degrees and sunny today…and its January 2!

Can you believe it? I guess global warming is taking over because I really haven’t seen it rain that much, let alone snow, as opposed to past years, where at least it did both somewhat.  Well, February hasn’t come and gone yet, so I guess winter is still here.

I threw on this Profil floral dress over somewhat faded Israeli jeans, but couldn’t find the matching belt that would give the outfit some shape.  So I took out a darkish purple skinny belt from Castro and threw it over, and voila! It worked!

Over that is an off-white interestingly draped wrap that I found at one of those apartment sales Tel Aviv is so famously known for (in other words, I saw a flyer, showed up at someone’s apartment, and chose it from a rack of imported items the apartment’s owner collected over time. Tried it on in her bedroom amongst other fashion hungry girls, and bought it, probably for more then it was originally sold for–hey, they need to make a profit somehow!)

Tag only says L, so can’t tell you much more then that. But the way it’s draped and cut is very unique, like nothing I’ve seen before.

What do you think?


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