Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz: Week of 1/3

Happy 2010!

The’s name’s not so original, but you guessed it, I’m bringing you highlights from the various Israeli fashion-related blogs in the style blogosophere.

You’d be surprised how many talented, stylish fashionistas run amuck our tiny little country and how many are finally opening their eyes up to the very best that Israel has to offer. HookTheLook, Shelly Peleg, TantiBecky, and DesignBreak–just to name a few.

Here’s what’s going on in our little fashion blogosphere community this week and for the new year!

  • Dana from Jerusalem shows off her best outfits of 2009, and offers us a present for the new year.  She’s completely restocked her online closet with wares for the fashion hungry. Acid wash t-shirts and studded bags, originally upwards of $100, now only $25 and $30.   She’s already slashed original prices, what more could you ask for? How about another 10% off.  MODAna.
  • Could you pull off shiny gold tights? Yael Kalba sure can.  Pair that with a gold-ribbed black dress and a blue clutch and you have perfect glam fashion incarnate.  Follow her to her favorite restaurant טנדורי for New Year’s and catch her latest escapades. Kalba in Glam Town.
  • The Eye had enough of remembering the best of 2009.  That is, until he found a quote from Vivienne Westwood, telling us it’s important to preserve the past.  Here, like a true fashion editor, he compares and contrasts the high-fashion designer and another magical style man, Karl Lagerfeld. Fashion Editor’s Notes.
  • Back in December, Tal paid tribute to the tutu after getting inspired by a window display in a Parisian store called Repetto. Petite Lulu.


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