Would You Wear This?

One Israeli sure did!

On the way to my bus in the morning, I spotted an Israeli girl wearing a navy blue and white polka-dot blouse, a leopard print scarf, and a bulky knit grandpa cardigan that looked like it was made of alpaca.  I couldn’t snap a picture (besides, it was way too early and the girl looked grouchy) but it was a sight to behold!

I began to wonder (with Carrie Bradshaw-like finesse)…Is Israel the country of mismatched prints? Is this a new trend? Do Tel Aviv girls like to mix and match and make a statement?

I offered up my thoughts on my Twitter account, and got some great responses; one of the best was from Hilla Ohayon, fashion writer for Haaretz, who wrote, “Mismatch is in but what you just described sounds like too much.  I’d lose the leopard print scarf. TLV girls love ‘too much.'” And she’s right.

Unfortunately these past few months,  I’ve seen too many patterns and textures thrown together for an outfit on the streets of Tel Aviv.  We’re talking brown boots with black and white striped tunics (a big fashion no-no in my book) and floral dresses with knitwear (This doesn’t do it for me, even if the colors are in the same color family.)

And while most mismatching works when carefully mismatched the right way (see The Streetswalker’s 2008 post of 20-year old Noa in an ultra-cool color combination: a purple  striped vintage tee and an A+ tiered floral skirt,) most of the ones seen in this tiny little cosmopolitan town DON’T.

Photos: Orphanedapparel.com, Just Jared, The Streetswalker, Refinery Shops


2 thoughts on “Would You Wear This?

  1. yesga

    I think if you have an eye for composition, then you can mix patterns and layer accessories without it looking like you just fell on them and they stuck to you. But some people like to wear all their favorite things at once, purely because it makes them feel good, and that is okay too. 😀

    I usually don’t wear more than one pattern at a time. I love weird things, but I usually choose just one and temper it with several plain things. Much like my personality… O_O

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