MissMi: Just a Taste

I had a lovely meetup with Israeli fashion designer Mirit Weinstock today. While I can give you a sneak peek in my blog, you’ll only get full coverage of her studio and her latest collection by heading over to the fashion Second City Style in the next coming days.

Here’s what I can tell you. Her studio is located in Jaffa and she has a team working for her, including seamstresses, and a model. Her label now includes a women’s label that is romantic femme and moves between ready-to-wear and high fashion. Since her start almost 6 years ago, she has also added a bridal collection, jewelery, and menswear.

Her newest feather necklaces, which have been getting a lot of press, are made of refined shuttlecock. Yes, the feathered ball that’s used in the game of badminton.

And while I loved the whimsical offbeat pleats, feminine cuts, and voluminous backs of her current winter collection, I’m also quite excited for Spring/Summer 2010 coming out in February. She promises minidresses and lots of neon!

And we haven’t even touched her MissMi project yet, which has exceeded all expectations.  More on that in Second City Style.

By the way, Mirit Weinstock is sold at all Razili stores in Israel and Verner in Tel Aviv.  And of course you can get her at Stanton James and Pixie Market in America, Beyond The Valley, Labour of Love and Souveneir in London, and in Russia and Panama, too.


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