Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz: Week of 1/10

I have a lot coming to u this week–apparently there’s a lot going on in the Israeli fashion world. Or a lot that I have to say, anyway.  Let’s see if I can get a post up every day.  It will be a bit difficult with other side projects I have with deadlines looming, but it may very well be possible.

But first, the weekly Israeli fashion blog buzz.  There’s a lot going on where the Israeli style blogosphere is concerned.

You’d be surprised how many talented, stylish fashionistas run amuck our tiny little country and how many are finally opening their eyes up to the very best that Israel has to offer. Shishiot, Oh My God I Love Josh, Nekudot, and Glitter & Cream–just to name a few.

  • We’re all uber-excited about H&M’s appearence in malls across Israel in March 2010 but we’re not excited about the mass crowds that are pretty much certain.  Ashley makes it even scarier for us by showing a packed picture from the opening day of the Lausanne branch in Switzerland last year.  Eeek! IGoogledIsrael
  • Israeli jewelry designer Zvia Drofibsky combines classic styles with an urban touch for her latest collection for Gazelle jewelry.  Coolil highlights the Colored Strips collection.  Coolil
  • Luba has only been to Topshop two times in her life and things the brand is way overpriced.  She talks about her experiences and lets us know harem pants are totally OUT! I Heart Fashion.
  • Oh yes, I saw Sefi, walking with mom by the Shuk in the very same dress she highlighted here in her latest blog post. Its so interesting to see the dress up close and then read about it on a blog. Makes you feel like you’ve spotted a celeb! Way Too Yellow.
  • Dar celebrates two years of her fashin blog with Rodarte for Target animal print and a funky pink necklace! FashionPea
  • Not letting herself wallow in winter depression (how could she when its unseasonably warm even for Tel Aviv) style blogger Lian spends a cultured Friday morning in Neve Tzedek in her sunglasses, hat, leather jacket, and patterned tie-dye scarf with good food and good friends and has the fashionable photography to prove it!  The Cool Closet

Israeli Fashion News

  • The Galerie Parisienne boutique is hard to miss as it sits on the ground-floor of a Bauhaus-style building on HaHashomnayim St. surrounded by a pretty garden and palm trees, but its owners Eyal and Roni Spielman hope you’ll wander over to itwhile you’re thinking of other things. Haaretz
  • Are mandatory uniforms the next Israeli fashion statement in schools? They’re making a comeback next year Jpost
  • I’m sad I didn’t see this sooner! Israeli online shopping center names its own top Israeli fashion trends of the decade: 2000-2009! Can you believe bold lace worn over a flesh-colored garment was once so very in? Oh 2006… Coolil

Photos: I Googled Israel, I Heart Fashion, The Cool Closet, Coolil


7 thoughts on “Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz: Week of 1/10

    • Simona

      Thank you, I’ll be spending time on both of your blogs too! (Yaara, Lian.) They were worth mentioning here and I hope I’ll mention them again in the future.

  1. sefi

    so sweet of you to write about me. i wouldn’t know it unless Lian hadn’t written about it in her blog.
    thanks alot and next time you see me, if it happens again, come to say hi.
    kisses and your blog is great!

    • Simona

      Thank you! That means a lot coming from a great fashion blogger like you!

      I just found out you are modeling clothes for Petit A! That’s so great. I am going to write about it. Can you tell me more?

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