Fashion Market: Part I

I’ve been stalling on this blog post all week.  I wanted to write the perfect Fashion Market blog post since this is the first time I’m writing about this major annual event on this blog.

Guess the Fashion Market is celebrating a lot of firsts this season (besides my modest blog, of course.)

As far as I know, this is the first time the City Designers Fashion Market is marketing itself bigger then I’ve ever seen it. Although this event happens  two times a year (Winter, Spring/Summer) for three days each time,  I’ve never seen it advertised so much through street signs at almost every bus stop, a detailed web site, style bloggers who are modeling clothes and talking up the event, and a Facebook group that highlights a new designer showcasing at the event, every couple of hours.

What is the Fashion Market? It’s an event that occurs every season at Ganei Hatarucha in Tel Aviv (a sort of stadium/exhibition ground where tons of concerts, events, and fairs are held everyday. ) All of the biggest and best designers from Israel (I think this year has more then ever participating) set up booths and sell off their seasonal collections at incredibly reduced prices.  Whether it’s a way to get rid of their clothes or get people excited about fashion in Israel all in once place–it works!

  • Did you know this Fashion Market has been going on for more than a decade now?
  • Did you know many designers that are currently very well-known in Israel (Yosef Perez ring a bell?) got their start at the Fashion Market?
  • Did you know designers like Sigal Dekel, who have since garnered international acclaim, still come back to sell their pieces at the Fashion Market?
    (Source: Israel21c)

Designers, Djs (yes there’s electro all day and night), bartenders serving drinks and baristas serving coffee) are all on hand.

It can literally turn into a madhouse.  I remember the first time I went to the Fashion Market about a year and a half ago.  I had seen a sign on the street and had no idea what it was, but wanted to check it out.  I knew very little about Tel Aviv or Israeli fashion at the time.  I saw women and girls trying on dresses and coats right on the floor (there’s really no place for a fitting room.) Men pulled on shoes while they sipped coffee that was sold in plastic cups.  Designers  were on hand to promote their own collections.

At the time, I wish I had spoken to more of them, but it was too busy gawking at the clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and hats.  It was the first time I learned of X-ray, an urban sunglasses brand where the shades are plastic but look as good as any Marc Jacobs pair I’ve ever seen selling wares for 60nis ($10!)  I spied a salesgirl for Fish n’ Dag wearing a beautiful blue bubble dress and I bought it on the spot.  It was worth the 400 nis I spent.

(That’s me on the right.)

At another Market, I came with a friend on a Saturday morning. That was a bad idea as everything was pretty much gone.  So I suggest getting there early (like Thursday if you can make it.)

Like the Urban Fair, it’s also a veritable who’s who for up and coming designers (many of them from Shenkar School of Engineering and Design) who want to show off their new lines.

This year,Israeli online shopping site  Coolil says the Fashion Market is offering a limited collection of fashion scarves.  All proceeds will be donated to an organization that helps dogs find a home.  Some of the best Israeli models have already volunteered to be photographed wearing the scarves.

Tali Sharon in a Sharon Brushner scarf

History of the Fashion Market

Ida Cecula was running a south Tel Aviv nightclub called Lemon.  Designer friends would come to her and she would offer them a chance to sell their collections in her parking lot.  Eventually they said, why not put it in the bar, add music, and make a big thing of it.

(And isn’t this the essence of Tel Aviv fashion today? I’ve said time and time again that the thing that makes the Tel Aviv fashion world stand out (besides the juxtaposition of the clothing) is the natural intimacy of it and the way the designers turn every collection into a reason to drink wine and party!)

The first Fashion Market event had 1,000 people.  Now it garners more then 20,000 every single time.  There are more than 100 designers that showcase their lines.  It’s a chance for the average Tel Avivit to look outside the mall for her fashion passion, to learn about designers, and to get an idea of what Tel Aviv fashion is all about.

This year, with the use of social media to enhance the world’s knowledge of the Market, I’m sure it will be bigger and better then ever.

I haven’t even touched upon the loads of designers that are going to be there…that’s coming up in Part 2!

Ganei Hatarucha, Tel Aviv

Thursday: 1/14 16:00-23:00, Friday: 1/15 10:00-18:00, Saturday: 1/16 11:00-23:00

Source: Isrealli, Coolil,


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