Fashion Market: Part 2 The Designers

Yes, the Fashion Market is underway as we speak, but don’t fret, you still have two days to go!

In the mean time, let’s check out some of my favorite Israeli designers who are showcasing there and some new ones I’ll have to check out!

Full report coming to you in a few days…

Anya Fleet (אניה פליט)

I’ve been wanting to buy something from this label since I first set eyes on her collection of cap sleeve silk blouses, ruffled shirts, and sharp shouldered jackets. Romantic dresses and blazers lined with floral work their way in there. Her pieces are truly my taste in high-fashion style–everything from sequined urban tanks to knit wraps and all the sophisticated finesse of a French woman in between.   Did I mention the sharp shoulders I’m craving??

For all you Americans out there, she’s also sold through Tel Aviv Couture out of Chicago.

Inbal Gvili (ענבל גבילי)

I have been eyeing up Inbal Gvili since I first noticed her, on Facebook, no less.  But I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into until I saw her impressive collection of neon asymmetrical dresses at Cafe Bizarre.  Since then, I’ve had the chance to go to her studio and I haven’t taken her up on the offer yet! (What’s wrong with me?) I am expecting big things from this lady, who remains for me the current queen of non convention and anti-chic in Israel.  She has an exquisite eye for the juxtaposition of  romantic fabrics with bold colors, but also elegant draping and dresses. I hope I will finally meet this talented designer tomorrow at the Market.

You can also get her clothes at the Shop 172 in London.

Sharon Brunsher (שרון ברונשר)

I bought a Sharon Brushner high-wait skirt before at her boutique on Frishman St. It was made of a satin meets linen material I can’t quite put my finger on yet.  One thing I do know for sure—I loved it! Her newest collection is sensual and slimming, perhaps an edgy difference from some of the more billowy designs on the Israeli market, but chic nonetheless.  Eyelet, knit, and button downs still abound, but work well with the sheer shift dresses and shiny shirts.

Sigal Dekel (סיגל דקל)

Sigal Dekel was one of the first fashion designers in Israel I ever set my eyes on, ever since that madricha I had in an Israeli program told me she was wearing a dress by the designer.  Since then, I’ve had my fill of Sigal Dekel’s intricate fabrics with ruffles attached to them in odd, but alluring ways, her draped bubble skirts, her high-neck shirts, and her her sharply cut, but ladylike blazers.  She really does set the tone for the modern, sophisticated, strong woman who wants to make a statement.

New Yorkers, don’t fret.  Sigal Dekel also has an enviable shop in SoHo.

What Else Am I Looking Forward To?

  • Petit A
  • Gusta
  • Yosef
  • Ronen Chen
  • Karin

Who are you looking forward to?

Don’t wait! Happening tomorrow 1/15 11:00-18:00 and Saturday 1/16 11:00-23:00

Only 15nis to enter!

Photos: מעצבי העיר, Sharon Brunsher, Sigal Dekel, Inbal Gvili


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