Israeli Style Inspiration: Petit A

Sefi Erlich is a social media buff and fashion enthusiast who runs one of my favorite Israeli fashion blogs, Way2Yellow. It was one of the first I started reading, way before I even moved to Israel 2 years ago.

In her profile, Sefi remarks that fashion is part of her everyday world. “Fashion, as I see it, fits in every moment of my life,” she says.

It’s true. Since its creation, her clothes have gotten more intricate, her poses more elegant, and her lady like meets casual hippie chic style more prominent.

So why do I take the oncoming presence of Fashion Market (starts today, people, today!!) to mention Sefi and her blog? I noticed something wonderful in her latest blog post.

Sefi posted pictures of herself modeling pieces that got my attention in an area of  Tel Aviv that’s one of the finest (Ibn Gvirol City Hall area.)

There was one python print dress with a detailed carved necklace, a blue shift with ankle boots, a plaid shirt, a purple dress, and the cutest high-waist bow skirt.

I noticed all of these clothes were from a brand called Petit A and before even reading her entry, I hopped on over to the Petit A site to check out designer Nofar Karov’s vast new collection.  There was Sefi again, staring me back in the face amidst everything from poofy skirts to floral dresses to pastel colors.

Nofar’s collection includes a range of intricate patterned party dresses, skirts, and ruffled tops, even shoes and a bridal collection.  It’s very romantic, feminine and girly.  Definitely understood why Sefi wouldn’t hesitate a moment to wear them.

I wondered if Sefi was a model.  Turns out Sefi only models the clothing for fun, she says Nofar is a friend and she likes to help her in any way she can.

Here’s how it happened. Last year when style blogging in Israel was really in its infancy (can you believe it? Only a year ago and now its booming here,) Petit A creator Nofar was looking for models for her line but had no money to spend on them.  It turns out her sister Rotem had been frequenting Sefi’s fashion blog and suggested they use Sefi for their photos.  Of course, Sefi was excited to receive the clothes, but worried that her blog would get lots of queries. But she loved the clothes and she continues to model for Petit A to this day. And the rest, you can say, is history.

Check out these amazing photos from Sefi’s first model session with Petit A back in 2008. She really looks fantastic.

Here’s how else Sefi is helping her.  Petit A is showcasing at Fashion Market, like all the rest, but if you print out a photo of one of the items Sefi is modeling, from her blog, you’ll get 50nis off your purchase of that item.  I’m very excited about this, especially since I’ve been craving an item with a bow and I’ve already taken the liberty to print out the picture.  (Wonder if it comes in any other colors?)

I’m also very excited about learning about a whole new line in Israel.  Petit A, here I come!

Photos: Way2Yellow, Petit A


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