Happy Anniversary!

Dar from Fashion Pea and Shelly from Shelly’s Private Collection recently celebrated two very special occasions for their style blogs. Dar celebrated two years since the start of her blog and Shelly celebrated 1 year since her first post.
Dar toasted the occasion with a collection of posts featuring animal print.  She wore animal print leggings, animal print ankle boots, and on the special day, a pretty animal print dress from the Rodarte for Target collection with a glamorous pink statement necklace from Free People to offset the beige.

Dar’s blog was the very first fashion blog I ever read from an Israeli.  (ILook and The Streetswalker are both photograph heavy street fashion sites so for me they don’t count as style blogger sites although they are fantastic in their own category.) She opened my world to the fact that Israelis did have fashionistas and that those fashionistas really could dress.  After that, I started growing an appreciation for the Israeli style girl and began perusing other fashion blogs in Hebrew like Sefi’s Way2Yellow,  Saray’s My Idea of Fashion, Ofer’s Fashion Cupcakes, and Shelly’s Private Collection.

Although I didn’t read Dar’s blog from the very beginning, I have noticed her evolution as a style blogger and as a fashionista since the very beginning.  Her posts were more detailed, her pictures more professional and beautiful, and her style more put together, trendy, yet timeless and glamorous, even on the days when she didn’t dress up.  I knew she had an affinity for international fashion but I was really excited when she started writing in English, too, to open herself up to a wider audience.  After this, I noticed other bloggers were doing the same.

Shelly’s Private Collection proves to me you don’t have to work in the fashion industry or be a size 38 to really know what you’re doing in fashion. I hope she doesn’t take offense to what I’m saying, but there are so many style blogs out there that feature outfit posts and I really wonder why these girls don’t have modeling contracts.  You very rarely see a girl that doesn’t look flawless or airbrushed.

I’m not saying that Shelly is not that way, but she is the epitome of the real woman.  She doesn’t dress over the top, or try too hard to follow trends or make statements, but she knows what she is doing in terms of color and style.  Her photographs are beautiful and her style is offbeat as she works with clothing brands that are popular but mixes them up so that’s one of a kind.

You can tell her photographs have improved which makes me wonder if there’s hope for all of us (well for me, anyway. *Sigh* I wish I was more photogenic.)

Shelly is celebrating one year since her very first post today! She did so by thanking her photographer and wrapping herself up in a bright red coat from Zara and polka-dot tights from American Apparel. The thick set of balloons on her arm added a bright touch of fantasy and beautiful color.

Her makeup is amazing, by the way! I’m going to need to contact that person!

I’d like to thank both of these girls for being the first ones to inspire me to start an Israeli fashion blog as an American in Israel.  Mazal Tov !


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