1 Shirt, 1 Country Waiting For Your Help

Fashion and social justice meet as one country hopes to make a difference and help a suffering nation.

I’m so proud of this country! At one time Israel needed the world’s help but now they’re strong and capable enough to help others. And of course, they’re making good use of those capabilities with all the work the IDF they’ve done so far to help the struggling people in Haiti who were recently devastated by a harsh earthquake on January 12th.
But you don’t have to take a trip halfway around the world to help the people there.   The international indie shopping site Sense of Fashion (created by Israelis, of course!)  is currently selling a $15 white tank with the phrase United Let Us March from user Fashion4Haiti hailing from Israel. The slogan was taken from Haiti’s national anthem.

All proceeds from sales of this shirt will go to UNICEF, which is currently deploying clean water, food and supplies to the struggling nation.  They are particularly focusing on the children who have become separated from their families

For more information go to: http://www.unicef.org/

The shirt is for men and women and made from 100% cotton with a hand made screen-print of the slogan.  It’s available in S/M/L.

You too can make a difference from your very own home and look casual chic while doing it!

To buy the shirt, contact Dikla at her Sense of Fashion page here.

Photo: Sense of Fashion


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