Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz: Week of 1/17

This week’s blog buzz is all about style blogs I’ve never featured before on this blog.  While I read posts from Way2Yellow, ILook, Fashion Pea, Shelly’s Private Collection, ModAna, My Idea of Fashion, Angel’s Style Scrapbook, DesignBreak (and yes, there’s more!) religiously, my further foray into the Israeli fashion blog scene has given me the opportunity to meet other amazing bloggers (thank you Yaara Keydar, Lian from The Cool Closet) through the Web and in person and the motivation to keep on translating even more fashion blogs from Hebrew to English.

Blonde Bleach: שני ספיבק

I didn’t know there were quite so many, but apparently Israeli fashionistas are more than making their mark and moving up the style blog scene, whether it means commenting on the latest international designs, critiquing Israeli style, or putting up their own daily outfit posts.  And the new fashion blogs  (new to me, anyway) do the job more than well.

Say hello to Kalba in Glam Town, Fashion Editor’s Notes, Blonde Bleach, I Love Josh (איי לאב גיוש), I Heart Fashion, Standing Ovation, Falafel Fashion, and much more!

We’ll be highlighting a few of them today.

Haya Anuka (also known as the blogger behind טושיק) gives us her take on the whole leopard and jeans trend and the feminist revolution, with great outfit pics to boast! Would you wear a black bra underneath a transparent leopard print blouse? Something to think about. Not sure, but it looks great on Haya!  טושיק

Blue polka dots on a vintage-inspired white dress, brown Mary-Janes, and a bow tie and you’ve got one glamorous girl! Yud Margulis tells us about her day and throws in a fashionable outfit to boot.  Belt from a store on King George, second hand gloves, and a market purse from Ashdod add to the beautiful ensemble. Back Then Girl
Keren remembers an Ehud Banai song and enjoys a lounge in her courtyard.  She’s wearing a shapely white Castro dress  (I have the same one in blue!) with a black belt to enhance, leggings, and boots she found at the supermarket near her house for 20 nis! You go girl! Fashion Loca-l

Miri is one stylish lady and she takes amazing photographs! The latest feature a romp through Neve Tzedek in a denim-like t-shirt dress from American Apparel, brown laceups from Aldo, textured tights from Urban Outfitters, a vintage scarf and bracelet, and a brown belt from Ruby Star to tie the look together.  She admits to loving life in Tel Aviv (I agree!) despite high rent and constant parking tickets because you’re always finding something new! Bloody Miri

Flashdance Flashback! Would you wear a bodysuit? I haven’t since the 80s (WTF was I thinking?) but they’re back and better then ever! The trendsetting creator of the Standing Ovation blog is also past her body leotard and pink tutu set for ballet class, but she’s reminiscing about how trendy it really was.  What a feeling! Standing Ovation

Lior is just 16 years old and already an Israeli fashionista in the making! In her latest post, she is inspired by the style prowess of one-time model Edie Sedgwick, a model and fashion muse to many (especially Andy Warhol) before she died tragically from drugs.  Her simple style of black tights and massive chains still remains and Lior is in awe.  My Moon Day

Photos: Blonde Bleach, Bloody Miri


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