Inbal Gvili and Me

That’s me wearing a new draped purple dress from Inbal Gvili’s Be Label collection.

I’ve written more then enough on Israeli designer Inbal Gvili, mostly because I really can’t get enough of her clothing.  The Shenkar School of Design graduate and former intern for Vivienne Westwood now sells in London, Chicago, and of course, the dear little place I now call home.
What impresses me most about this top notch fashion prodigy is the fact that her pieces are feminine, bordering on architectural with an obvious flair for asymmetry, sculpted lines, and bold colors.

Even more impressive–her personal style.  When I first had the opportunity to meet the designer at the annual Fashion Market in Tel Aviv, I expected a frothy, ruffle-wearing romance-inspired twentysomething with a sharp eye for satins and draping.  After all, that’s what her clothing said to me.

I must have overlooked her pleated menswear trousers, intricate beading, and draped off-the-should silk tops.  Nevertheless, I wasn’t expecting what awaited me–and I liked it even more.

I love the structured menswear statement Inbal makes in the outfit below, a rare photo opportunity for the design starlet, who prefers letting her designs speak for themselves rather then showing her own face.  She’s wearing her own harem-inspired trousers, a motorcycle jacket rolled up at the sleeves, and black-and-white Oxfords that she said were the only ones she could find in Israel.  Everything is tailored and fitted, but sharp.

Sharp like her eye for wearable but intricate fashion.


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